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About Us

Let us help you become a better version of yourself

It is not surprising that in addition to her medical degree and being a board-certified Anesthesiologist for 23 years, Dr. Bentz also has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. This may explain her sensitivity to what her patients are feeling about themselves She sees the whole patient– asking them about their desired goals and posing questions that will help her understand their situation more completely. In this way, she can help meet each one’s specific expectations. A patient’s emotional life is just as important as her physical life, so it’s very important to get to the root of the discomfort. Spending quality time with each patient is one of the biggest differences between Dr. Bentz’s practice and other med spas.

Can you relate to this story?

Barbara Jones said she started feeling invisible once she hit 50 – what Dr. Bentz calls “the incredible disappearing 50-year-old woman.” She said she used to walk in a room and be instantly noticed, but now eyes pass over her. What did Barbara need? Her face was sagging and lines were forming from nose to mouth. This sagging meant no one looked at Barbara in the eye anymore. After Dr. Bentz used an extraordinary injectable called Restylane™ to gently fill in and lift her face, she looked in the mirror. What did she see? “I just plain feel beautiful, and I’ve started caring more about my hair, my wardrobe – everything. Everyone has noticed, especially my husband who says he feels like we’re in our 20’s again!”

Dr. Bentz and her staff want you to bloom – to find yourself again

Dr. Bentz says that patients don’t just come in for a single treatment; they come in to change their lives or because something has awakened in them that cries out to regain their old self-confidence and look more attractive. One patient commented, “She didn’t just treat my age spots. She transformed my life.” She believes that this sort of transformation is a journey of sorts – one that continues over the years to maintain a youthful appearance without the need for surgery.

Patient education is first and foremost

Consultations at Second Spring can take up to 1 ½ hours. This is time for patients to fully explain their goals and to get all their questions answered. With so much misinformation on the web and in the media, it’s essential that myths be debunked and that the patient learns everything that is possible. Only then can she or he make a truly informed decision. At Second Spring, a full individualized treatment plan is made for each patient.

Artistry and detail-mindedness

Dr. Bentz has an amazing eye and the ability to create exquisite results. She says she “paints with light” – highlighting the planes and angles of the face, softening here or there to catch the light in an elegant way. Her deep understanding of anatomy and beauty is a gift she gives her patients. Importantly, she focuses on every detail, large and small – every nuance. That, she says, is how truly beautiful outcomes happen–ones that are all but undetectable yet transformative.

Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated.

Everyone leads a busy life, so there’s no time for too many steps or having to search for the perfect regime of skincare products. Dr. Bentz assesses your skin and recommends the perfect (and easy) daily skincare routine for you to follow. Second Spring offers specialty skin- care products that incorporate beauty and healing. These physician-prescribed skincare products can address problem areas of your skin and promote healing after skin procedures. Products have been formulated with the highest quality ingredients to address special skin issues and to facilitate healing. These prescription skincare products provide greater healing to the skin than over-the-counter skincare products. Dr. Bentz has a mission for each patient– to find the sunblock they can and will wear to further protect their skin and their results.

Anxiety-free zone

Most people fear the unknown, and cosmetic medicine is filled with horror stories that bring extreme anxiety for some patients. Anxiety and pain are hunted down, and topical, oral medicine and blocks offered for those who need it. “Will it hurt?” is certainly a question Dr. Bentz hears most. She says, “Your comfort is part of the treatment.”