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Broad Band Light (BBL): What can a little light do?

I had been given a lovely and thoughtful gift of a few BBL treatments a few years ago and really enjoyed them.  It wasn’t until I was learning how to do the treatments myself, that I truly grasped what BBL could offer.  As a Registered Nurse, this wasn’t an area of medicine that I knew much about but as took courses and prepared to work at Second Spring Medical Aesthetics and Laser it quickly became my favorite treatment to perform.

First, I must admit to being a bit of a science nerd and understanding how different lengths if light can cure many skin conditions truly thrilled me.  The shortest length of light helps to treat acne by killing the bacteria under the skin.  The next works on red pigments like rosacea, broken capillaries, and general blotchiness.  As we get deeper into the layer of skin, BBL is able to work on the level with the melanin responsible for brown pigments.  It can remove freckles, sun spots, liver spots and often treat melisma.  As the light penetrates beyond that it builds collagen, tightens the skin and continues to reverse the signs of aging.  At one of its deeper level, the hair follicle, it can remove unwanted hair.


So when did I fall in love with this treatment? When I saw it heal acne scaring in a young woman, remove upper lip hair in a friend who was constantly embarrassed and self-conscious, and eliminate a brown spot on a client’s lower cheek that constantly had co-workers suggesting she should wipe her mouth.  Unfortunately, these simple and isolated examples don’t truly do justice to explain the effects of BBL.  This is one case where a picture really is worth 1,000 words!