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Comfortable in Your Own Skin?


While hairstyle and accessory updates can make us feel better about ourselves in the short term, using the body’s innate healing capacity can inspire long-term renewal of the collagen-producing dermis, making one look younger inside healthier skin. Laser treatments and select medical aesthetics procedures offered by Second Spring actually make your skin younger and present a brighter, smoother, and less wrinkled appearance.

These treatments can also help to remediate scarred tissue, remove long-time skin blemishes, and address other skin issues that impact one’s quality of life. For a minimal time investment, patients can experience long-lasting skin benefits with these medical procedures and products that help inspire internal healing of the skin. Using the most advanced laser technology on the market, Second Spring offers a range of non-invasive yet deeply effective skin care treatments that guide patients to develop healthy skin from the inside out.

Enjoy the long-term effects of our laser treatments and positive results from a range of medical aesthetic procedures to cultivate a deeper satisfaction with your appearance. We will guide you and support you on your path to achieve healthier, more youthful skin that better resists the pressures of age.

Second Spring Medical Aesthetics & Laser: Skin Health Specialists

In addition to skin health treatments with the highly advanced and extremely precise Sciton medical laser, Second Spring offers a range of ablative procedures—including nanopeels and microlaser peels—as well as less invasive treatments for clearing and renewing the skin using Broad Band Light (BBL). The best laser and medical aesthetics results are achieved by patients who undergo a collection of integrated and complementary skin health treatments. We’ll discuss all the options with each prospective patient in our complimentary consultation session.

We also offer a host of other treatments for healthier, younger-looking skin without the lengthy healing times required with full skin ablation or more invasive procedures. We offer a range of “Vampire Cosmetics” and a three-part non-surgical face lift. From advanced medical laser treatments which heal and stimulate the growth of new skin cells plump with collagen—that wonderful substance the young body produces which lends elasticity and to the skin—to dermal filler injections that make your skin look younger, Second Spring offers many medical choices and combinations for enhanced skin health and a renewed look.