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Broad Band Light (BBL) Treatments

Tighten Skin and Erase Dermal Discoloration

What skin conditions can BBL treat?

FYBBL_Logo_4CBBL is a safe and versatile technology that can effectively treat a broad range of skin conditions on nearly any area of the body. At Second Spring, Dr. Bentz and her team frequently use BBL in conjunction with other procedures to achieve synergistic effects, offering patients a degree of improvement that cannot be matched by any single treatment.

BBL can treat:

  • Sun damage, age spots, freckles and birthmarks
  • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
  • Red spots, spider veins, and vascular lesions
  • Rosacea and diffused redness
  • Unwanted hair
  • Active acne

How does BBL work?


BBL emits rapid bursts of energy in the form of visible light and heat. The broad spectral output spans the visible light spectrum, beginning with blue light at 420nm, and extends well into the near infrared zone at 1400nm.

Different bands of light within this range interact with three different chromophores in our body – water, hemoglobin, and melanin. Targeting all of these chromophores at the same time would dump too much energy into the skin, resulting in a burn.

To target only the desired chromophore, such as the hemoglobin in a spider vessel, one of seven specially-coated glass Smart Filters is inserted into the BBL handpiece. These filters work by blocking the transmission of unnecessary wavelengths allowing only a small percentage of the flash lamps full output to pass through.

As the filtered light travels through the skin it is only absorbed by the target chromophore, where it is instantly converted to heat, inflicting a small thermal injury. This, in turn, stimulates the body’s natural wound healing mechanisms to begin replacing the damaged tissue with new, healthy tissue.

What should I expect before, during, and after my BBL Treatment?

Prior to your BBL treatment, we will conduct a complete assessment of your skin, including a Visia Complexion Analysis, to determine your skin’s overall condition. Visia uses high-tech multispectral imaging technology to reveal both surface and subsurface conditions of the skin, such as UV damage, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and enlarged pores. This cutting edge technology aids Dr. Bentz and her team in assessing your complete skin health, developing a custom-tailored BBL treatment plan that addresses your unique needs, providing you with side-by-side comparisons, and a quantitative analysis of your skin before and after treatment.

To ensure you get the most out of each BBL treatment, you will be asked to refrain from excess sun exposure and the use of tanning beds or sunless tanning sprays for a minimum of two weeks before and after your treatment. Some patients may also require pre-treatment with a topical skin lightener to reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation after treatment.

Unlike most med spas, we always apply a topical anesthetic prior to your pulsed light treatment. This ensures maximum comfort while allowing our clinicians to tune the BBL’s settings to deliver the most comprehensive and efficacious treatment possible.

Second Spring is an anxiety free zone! Oral sedation is available to patients who are concerned about feeling anxious or fearful on the day of their procedure. Oral sedation is administered upon arrival to the office and will leave you feeling sedated and comfortable, yet still awake throughout your treatment. This is a great option for anyone who is extra nervous or may have had a negative treatment experience in the past. If you elect oral sedation, you will not be allowed to drive yourself home and must arrange for someone to pick you up.

At the beginning of your procedure, a thin layer of clear ultrasound gel will be applied to the treatment area. This serves two purposes – to help couple the light between the BBL’s sapphire tip and the surface of the skin and to lubricate the contact surfaces for added comfort. As the treatment tip glides across the skin, it will emit rapid pulses of light. Thanks to the BBL’s integrated sapphire chill plate, the treatment is quite painless, with the majority of patients describing the sensation as “the flicking of a small rubber band.”

BBL is a no-downtime procedure, meaning that you can resume your daily activities, including the application of makeup and sunscreen, immediately after treatment. Over the next 5 – 7 days, pigmented lesions will gradually darken until they naturally exfoliate away via the skin’s normal turnover and shedding cycle. Beginning at day 2 – 3, treated pigmented lesions often start to break up, taking on the appearance of “coffee grounds.” These can be easily concealed with makeup and are generally only noticeable to the patient.

Non-facial areas such as the arms, hands, and chest can take a few days longer to fully shed the pigment. We generally prefer to treat these areas a few weeks prior to a big event in order to allow them ample time to fully exfoliate before the important date.

Vascular lesions might appear slightly darker in the first few days after treatment, but they will slowly lighten as the body absorbs the damaged vessels. For the first 48 – 72 hours after treatment, patients are asked to avoid strenuous activities, such as exercise, hot tubs, long soaks in the shower or bath, or any trigger that could cause the face to flush. During this time, the goal is to keep the vessel closed as any activity that increases blood flow could recannulate the vessel and reduce the efficacy of the treatment.