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A Look More than Skin Deep

My sister had lovingly pestered me for years to take better care of my skin.  I had an extensive skin damage history dating back to my first basal cell carcinoma when I was 24 years old.  It would be close to 15 years later and 7 skin surgeries before I was ready to listen.

The first time I had the Visia Photo analysis, I was amazed.  The technology looks at each layer of skin and calculates: UV damage, age/brown spots, red pigments, pore size, wrinkles and porphryrins (evidence of bacteria that causes acne).  The Visia compared my results to a national database to women of my same age.  It was hard to accept when it rated my UV damage at the 99 percentile – I had worse skin that practically everyone my age!  However, the information and images the Visia gave me helped me objectively assess my skin: spots, reds, sun damage, wrinkles and all.  Because of that information, I finally decided it was time to take care of myself and my skin.  A series of BBL treatments later and my skin had a healthy glow! I was getting compliments, the reds and browns were gone and a new Visia photo revealed that I was doing the right thing.  My skin texture was better, there were a few less wrinkles, and a huge difference in pigments that had made my skin look blotchy and older.

I love that Second Spring uses this amazing, advanced technology!  The Visia and consultation is always FREE and as the saying goes: knowledge is power.  Once you know where you skin is, you can take the steps to make it better!