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Effective Acne Management Can Reduce the Effects of Skin Blemishes

Acne ranges from being terrible when you’re a teenager to embarrassing when you’re in adulthood. However, with a 6-8 week course of laser and associated treatments with intermittent treatment follow-ups, patients can reduce the unpleasant effects of this skin condition. Acne management treatment is generally painless. By using medical laser technology and other skin health care modalities, patients can avoid the use of products like Accutane. The latest technologies in skin health renewal offer a better way to treat acne skin issues.

Second Spring will work with patients to schedule procedures integrating the most effective skin health modalities to address their specific set of acne-related issues, including Broad Band Light, ablation including nanopeels, medical peels, oral medications, and other treatment options.


“Dr. Shelby did laser for my acne—my skin has never looked this good! What an amazing improvement Dr. Shelby has made with my face and neck. I look and feel younger and am thrilled by the feel of my skin.

— Brenda L., Bakersfield