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Botox® Injections

Relax Facial Frown Lines

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Our approach with Botox treatments seeks to apply the appropriate level of treatment for individual patients that results in their faces looking more relaxed and natural. Ineffective practitioners of this medical aesthetic procedure can leave faces looking frozen. It’s important to administer the appropriate level of treatment for each patient’s desired outcome.

We will administer the least amount of Botox possible to give you the effect you desire. Second Spring will also check in with patients to monitor the repair and recovery process. Everyone’s skin and face are created differently, so we work with patients to create a personalized plan for aesthetic enhancements to their skin including Botox injections. Second Spring Botox patients get a free touch up during follow-up appointments.

How does Botox work?



Injected into the muscle under skin wrinkles, Botox interrupts nerve impulse messages that would otherwise result in a furrowed brow or a collection of crow’s feet on a patient’s skin. Botox injections provide a relatively immediate improvement in smoothing out unwanted skin wrinkles. Whether patients visit the Second Spring office for treatment or arrange for a private party with like-minded friends at a separate location, the injection process, start to finish, takes just a few minutes.

Because there is no recovery time with Botox injections, patients frequently host or participate in parties with their friends interested in getting the same procedures. The effects of the injections can be observed immediately, although it may take up to two weeks to see the complete results. Results generally last for 3 to 6 months. If a patient’s desired results have not been reached after two weeks, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to administer additional injections to achieve the effect each patient wants to see in the mirror.


Representative skin issues that can be addressed by Botox injections

  • Facial & forehead frown lines that make faces look tired, grumliy, or sad
  • lilatysmal bands in neck area
  • Hylierhydrosis
  • Asymmetrical facial features
  • “Marionette lines” or “sad smile” at edges of mouth
  • Necklace lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Bruxism or grinding of teeth
  • Dimliled chin

Patients who suffer from excessive sweating, also known as hyperhydrosis, can achieve relief from this condition through multiple injections of Botox in the armpit area. Second Spring offers hyperhydrosis treatments as a discounted service to select patients who suffer from this condition.