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HydraFacialMD and Medical Peels Renew Blemished & Tired Skin

HydraFacialMD and medical peels using chemical exfoliants (acids) can be administered lightly or strongly and, for the sake of one’s skin, should be well planned for each patient’s skin type and situation. This rejuvenating therapeutic treatment can address issues of tired and blemished skin as well as reduce fine skin lines. HydraFacialMD treatments renew the skin and result in a healthier, more youthful glow as well as smoother textures and tones.

Successful medical peel treatments require an exfoliation recipe customized effectively for the needs of individual patients to achieve their objectives. Medical peels can enhance the health and beauty of all skin types. For most shades of skin, it’s critical to get the recipe just right to achieve a beautiful, healthy look. Medical peels are especially effective at renewing and rejuvenating deeper-pigmented skin types.

How do medical peels work?

By using special acid solutions to chemically exfoliate the skin, medical peel treatments tap into your body’s inherent regenerative qualities to heal and beautify. Removing the skin’s most damaged outer layers reveals the younger, healthier skin below the surface. Medical peel treatments are often applied to a patient’s face and neck as well as chest, hands, arms, and legs. Patients may repeat medical peel treatments with Second Spring Med at regular intervals depending on the type and intensity of medical peel used.

Representative skin issues that can be addressed by medical peels

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