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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments Help Generate New Blood Flow and Collagen in the Skin 

Second Spring practitioners have the training, equipment, skill, and desire to make you look the best you can using this advanced skin health technology. This natural treatment—also known as “Vampire Cosmetics™”—uses the body’s own self-healing properties to stimulate more blood flow to the skin and rejuvenate dermal cells through enhanced collagen production. We are excited about Platelet-rich Plasma because its effect lasts twice as long as filler treatments while using the body’s internal healing qualities.

How do Platelet-rich Plasma treatments work?

This skin health treatment uses a patient’s platelets extracted from about two tablespoons of their own blood and, with an anti coagulant, applies an injection of this platelet-rich solution into those areas that could use a boost in volume and structure beneath the skin’s surface. Platelets release growth factors that stimulate the body’s natural healing properties in a targeted way, and they also promote the regrowth of nerve endings.

For years, athletes have used this technology to relieve joint pain and heal injury because it’s difficult and slow to heal an area like a joint that experiences limited blood flow. An injection of platelet-rich plasma solution helps promote targeted healing and reduced pain in joints. Medical skin care professionals also recognize how these same effects—improvements in blood flow and collagen production—can also help transform the skin including making the skin immediately healthier and brighter.

Vampire Facelift™

  • Renews the skin of the face by restoring youthful volume and contour. Using a combination of fillers and stem cells, derived from your own body via a small quantity of blood, results in a healthy glow from improved skin color, shape, and smoothness

Vampire Facial™

  • Adds renewed luster and brightness to the skin via Platelet-rich Plasma treatments and micro-needling to infuse the skin with stem cells

Vampire Breast Lift™

  • Enhances the cleavage and the upper breast area, that can develop laxity from breast feeding and age, by using a combination of Platelet-rich Plasma treatments and dermal fillers

Vampire Nipple Lift™

  • Invigorates and returns sensation to the nipples in women who have had loss of sensation in the nipple area from implants, breast lifts, or breast feeding; this procedure uses a small amount of Platelet-rich Plasma to stimulate nipple sensation

Vampire O-Shot for women™

  • This natural, non-surgical, and minimally painless procedure can revitalize and rejuvenate vaginal and clitoral function which may result in improved sensitivity and enhanced sexual health and satisfaction. It can also provide incontinence relief

Vampire Priapus Shot for men™

  • This natural, non-surgical, and minimally painless procedure can enhance sensitivity, improve sexual health and satisfaction, and result in bigger erections for those wanting extra sensation during sex and orgasm, including those experiencing some level of dysfunction