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Scar Revision & Management Can Minimize Visible Scars

Have you heard that line about how “Scars give you character”? While it’s true that everyone nicks and cuts his/her skin as they move through life, prominent dermal scarring—especially on the face—can impact one’s quality of life. It’s good to develop character, of course, but for patients who might have facial scars from a badly-mended childhood dog bite or a serious case of acne, it’s better to move past the scars and into a more confident reality.

Facial scars, in particular, can distract others and ourselves from seeing us as we want to be seen. Through treatment, scars can become less noticeable and the skin more smooth. We work with each patient on a scar revision plan and will use the range of powerful medical aesthetics and laser tools to address each area of scarred skin. Using Platelet-rich Plasma, in addition to other complementary skin health treatments, Second Spring can help make your scars less noticeable and apparent. The sooner patients seek treatment for scar removal, the better the outcome. This treatment can be used on patients of any age.


“Why do I care so much about scar management and removal? Scars can remind us of painful events and when we catch a glance of our scars–whether in the mirror or when we’re engaging in daily life activities—there’s that story, again, on our skin. These areas of skin damage don’t have to be so prominent and can be diminished. At Second Spring, we will do everything we can to help to remove your unwanted scars.”

— Dr. Shelby Bentz