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Patient Testimonials

“I treated myself to a NanoLaserPeel which refreshed and brightened the appearance of my complexion. Can’t believe how painless this low-depth laser treatment was and I had virtually NO downtime and only very minimal pinkness for a couple of hours. Because of Dr. Shelby Bentz’s July/August special promotion, it only cost $100 which is less than I paid for my last facial. Way amazing!”
Brenda, Bakersfield, California

 “My experience with Dr. Shelby Bentz has been a wonderful one. She is a very good doctor with a great bedside manner and a great personality. She is so nice and it is such a joy to see her and talk with her during my procedures. She is really caring when it comes to her patients and how they feel. Throughout all the procedures I’ve had, she was always asking if I was OK and great at explaining what exactly was going to happen or how it would feel when we started. And the results have been amazing. Her pricing is great and I couldn’t be happier with her and plan to continue to go to her for everything I might need or want in the future.”
Desiree, Tehachapi, California

 “I had the NanoLaserPeel at Second Spring several weeks ago and loved it. My skin appears pink and healthy and literally seems to glow a bit. The procedure was painless, lasted about 20 minutes, and left me with results I could see for weeks.”
Kristen, Bakersfield, California

 “Dr. Shelby Bentz did laser for my acne—my skin has never looked this good! What an amazing improvement she has made with my face and neck. I look and feel younger and am thrilled by the feel of my skin.”
Brenda, Bakersfield, California

“Adult acne is the worst. Thank you for getting rid of it for me. It hasn’t come back since my Halo in November.”

“I never thought I would find what I needed after I moved to Bakersfield. Imagine my delight when I found Dr. Shelby Bentz and Second Spring. Halo was amazing and the BBLs are changing my life. I wondered about the Vampire Face Lift and Facial and Shelby used a combination of ProFractional Laser and PRP on my face and neck. I looked a bit scary for a few hours but NO PAIN and the smoothness of my face and neck are incredible. I’m waiting to do another one. Lips and Botox, goes without saying. I’m thinking of moving for my job but I will definitely KEEP Shelby now that I’ve found her. Cornel and the office staff are amazing. I want to live at the office.”

“Coming into Shelby’s life was the best thing to happen to me! I have learned so much about skin care and how important it is to take care of my skin. I am only 28 and I have never been more comfortable without makeup on than I am now. I love love love Dr. Bentz and the amazing work she does. Forever Young BBL and Halo by Sciton will change your life!”