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Complimentary Consultation with the Visia Complexion Analysis System

We listen to your concerns and work with you to establish a plan to address specific skin features you wish to improve. To successfully achieve the realistic yet hopeful personal appearance goals of each patient, we meet with everyone for a thorough skin evaluation and consultation before beginning with any treatment plan.


Using the Canfield Visia Complexion Analysis System, we can easily “read” beneath the skin’s surface for evidence of damage: the resulting data helps prioritize treatment plan components for patients. The Visia analyzes brown spots, wrinkles, texture, pore number & size, and red areas (including porphyrins) on facial skin. It can also assess the degree of UV damage under the skin’s surface to better identify proactive treatment strategies for repairing damage from too much sun and the effects of age. Our Visia can generate easy-to-understand reports that help us develop individualized skin care plans for patients including the ability to monitor and adapt to skin improvements as treatments progress.

The data generated by the Visia helps identify skin issues and, for context, ranks patients’ scores against people of similar age, gender, and skin type to understand the general healthiness of their skin. We use this data to create an effective aesthetic and healing plan for each patient. These plans are focused on delivering just the right amount of treatment—it’s important to use a deft touch with these procedures—as well as combining multiple treatments when appropriate.

We will give you the maximum possible results, often combining multiple laser treatments in a single session. A combination of complementary skin health modalities provides the best outcomes for patients, such as when we combine several procedures in a single session such as Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) treatments with Botox and filler injections. Downtime ranges from zero to seven days, depending on the type of treatment needed.